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A Book Of Fairies: An Anthology Of Paintings & Poetry

RRP $16.99

This title features beautiful works of art specially selected to accompany delightful pieces of verse and prose. It includes classic poetry by Chaucer, Shakespeare, Spencer, Tennyson, and Milton, amongst others, as well as anonymous rhymes, folk songs and fairy lore passed down through the centuries. The chapters include Famous Fairies; Fairy Tricks and Good Turns; Fairy Possessions, Feasts and Sports; Fairy Homes; and Fairy Lovers. It is a book that celebrates these elusive creatures, with poetry and tales of their exploits, and evocative pictures which capture their entrancing, fragile charm. It is a beautiful gift anthology to keep or give away. In folklore and tales fairies come in many forms: ethereal queens, beautiful enchantresses; house fairies and woodland sprites, the tiny spirits of flowers and trees; mischievous pixies; elves and nymphs. In whatever form they appear to those who believe in them, fairies are always mysterious, magical and secretive. They live in a curious half-world, which exists in the mists just beyond human perception but is always rooted in nature. In art and literature fairies often appear to the innocent or the lost, to children or questing knights, and they can be found at twilight in woodland glades, inside fairy rings, or on deserted moonlit beaches. This book brings together classic works of art, and much-loved and quoted poetry and prose, to celebrate these elusive creatures and create a celebration of the land of faerie and its inhabitants.

Women Readers In French Painting 1870-1890

RRP $457.99

The first monograph to examine the depiction of reading women in French art of the early Third Republic, Women Readers in French Painting 1870-1890 evaluates the pictorial significance of this imagery, its critical reception, and its impact on notions of femininity and social relations. Covering a broad range of paintings, prints, and sculptures, this book shows how the liseuse was subjected to unprecedented levels of pictorial innovation by artists with widely differing aesthetic aims and styles. Depictions of readers are interpreted as contributions to changing notions of public and private life, female agency, and women's participation in cultural and political debates beyond the domestic household. This highly original book explores images of women readers from a range of social classes in both urban and rural settings. Such images are shown to have articulated concerns about the impact of female literacy on labour environments and family life while, in many cases, challenging conventions of gendered reading. Kathryn Brown also presents an alternative way of conceiving of modernity in relation to nineteenth-century art, a methodological departure from much recent art historical literature. Artists discussed range from Manet, Cassatt and Degas, to less familiar figures such as Lavieille, Carriere, Toulmouche and Tissot.

A Guest In My House

RRP $14.25

A Guest in my House, this title is about having a guest or ghost-spirit in your house with you. It may take some time to figure this out, as you hear voices from nowhere, or see shadows lurking around with no explanation, maybe there are spirits that didn't cross over or lost. In this book many questions will be answered. What happens the moment we die? Is there a light? Are angels and demons real? Is Lucifer real, can he appear? Of the guests that were in my house, I have collected their stories all of over 70 spirits, explaining exactly how they died and their personal experience, age, name, and year that they passed on. I also interviewed demons, angels, and yes, Lucifer, all real true stories, that I am sure you would love to read. This is a must read book that you just can't avoid to pick up.

Zen And The Art Of Watercolor Painting

RRP $13.99

Much is made of the spiritual aspects of creating artwork, from subject matter to techniques, dark nights of the soul, and painterly frustration. The most important component in painting spiritually is, of course, the artist. The experience of creating art is not always a blissful one. Often the peace needed to find inspiration is not present. Ms. Bryant presents her readers with meditative essays that are art lessons in both watercolor and spirituality designed to help artists "get out of their own way" and create more soulfully.


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